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Patient Testimonials

Our patients are why we do what we do. Their progress and feedback on their experience with us is the #1 measurement of our success. For more testimonials, please visit Google Reviews. We are proud of our 5 star rating! 

Kelly O'Rourke, Middletown DE

I ended up in Kevin's care due to a partially torn hamstring. It didn't take long to realize that his knowledge, skill and ability were above the norm and exactly what I needed. After a successful rehabilitation protocol, I was back to training for my National Level Bodybuilding contest. This would not have occurred without his positive approach and aggressive rehab methodology. I can't thank Kevin enough!

Chris Manganelli, Middletown DE

Thrive Physical Therapy, is a great place. I started my journey there by walking in the door saying I wanted to be Frozen. With that being said Kevin introduced me to the Cryo Therapy. It is amazing and helped me a lot, to the point that I got a monthly membership (to fit my needs) which allowed me to go once a week. I had been doing Cryo for some time when an injury lead me back to them for additional services. Julie was great. She worked with me, and made my healing experience her number one goal. After my first therapy session with Julie I quickly noticed that it was not just her goal, it was everyone there. They made me feel like part of their work family and I was always looking forward to my next session. I got my progress report sent to my doctor and she was very pleased, as I was too. I highly recomend Thrive and the team there. If you are looking for a family oriented place for therapy that doesn't make you feel like you're just a number go see Kevin and his staff at Thrive. Thank you guys for everything!! 

Patty King, Middletown DE

Kevin is fantastic!! He has a very upbeat and positive attitude. Kevin takes the time to explain how and why treatments work and will customize to the individual. I appreciate how he consults with my doctor directly to give and get accurate information in between my visits. Kevin always adjusts my treatment plan based on actual results, not just expected timeline results. His goal is always seeing a patient fully recovered and makes going through the process of rehab less painful!

Fred C., Middletown DE

I have had severe dizziness for the past few years, off and on.  I had been sent to ear specialists and had multiple tests, but they could not find the issue.  I was then referred to Julie Marrs, PT.  She spent some time examining me, and within 15 minutes she fixed my problem.  For the first time in many months I wasn’t dizzy! She has helped me a few times since then, and is a very friendly and understanding person.  She is awesome, and I thank her very much for how she has helped me.

Clif Coleman, Middletown DE

Julie Marrs, PT has been my primary therapist in the rehabilitation of my neck, shoulder, elbow and hip.  Her pleasant nature, simple explanations of the rehabilitation process, and exercise programs have restored me to functioning again! She is a true professional and fun to work with.  

Joanne Crowe, Middletown DE

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Thrive Physical Therapy! Because of you I was able to hike Iceland. You helped me to accomplish a dream with all the tools you offer including dry needling and laser therapy and of course Kevin and Jess amazing personalized therapy. This place is special!!!I

Emily Schmidt, Austin TX

I was a competitive cheerleader and have suffered from low back pain for several years. When I came back east this summer I saw Kevin, who evaluated me and recommended specific exercises I could do with a very inexpensive foam roller. He knew I was headed home shortly and educated me on things I could do on my own to improve my pain. Within just a few weeks, my back has felt better than it has in years! I am almost in disbelief and I am forever grateful to Kevin. 

Brenda Chapman, Newark DE

Last year after my fitness challenge, I tore my meniscus. On Easter weekend, a doctor administered a shot that caused extreme pain and swelling- I couldn't walk without limping. Kevin came to my home on the holiday without hesitation. He massaged my knee and used an EMT machine to manage my pain. Kevin will be the only PT I'll ever use. He is extremely competent, experienced, and highly-skilled. He is a credit to his profession!

Kim Lanchester, Middletown, DE


I was injured at work and fractured my ankle severely in 4 places.  I saw Julie Marrs, PT for my rehab after surgery.  She knew just what I, and my ankle, needed to get me walking again.   She has a great balance of being just ‘hard’ enough to get me to do my exercises every session and to stretch my ankle, without making me feel pressured, and was intuitive to know my limits and what I could tolerate.   I didn’t think I was going to be able to ever walk normally, but I can!  It was a long process, but thanks to Julie’s care and pushing me just enough to get me where I am today, I am walking and back to work!

The Syvy's, Middletown DE

I am so excited to learn that Kevin & Jessica will be working together again!   They make a wonderful team & the efforts during & after treatments for my knee replacement have proved the knowledge of their expertise.   During treatment, I ALWAYS felt their genuine passion to make me “be the best that I could be.’


They have treated my husband and daughter, both with GREAT success.   Now……not only do I have “a great leg to stand on” but I also have good friends that genuinely care about their patients and the surrounding community. Thank you!

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